Oct 01

Should I bother with Social Media? Yes, here’s why.

With so maybe people on social media, using social platforms are now essential for any business. Here are our quick tips to tell you why and convince you to get more social.

1. Drives traffic

A great way of increasing traffic to your site is social media. Content from your site can be shared on your social channels, adding views and inspiring people to find out more about you by clicking on your site.

2. Engages your customers and peers

Post something that you know will be of interest to your customers and people you follow. Have a point of view or share something of that has caught your eye within your industry. Communicating directly with your audience is strong stuff which creates interest and brand advocacy

3. Brand validation

Audiences expect a brand to have some kind of social media presence. Seeing a brand active on social media can provide customers with trust and validation.

4. Social Media allows for content promotion.

Social media is a great platform to share content you find or blog content you produce. It can help to amplify any activity that your business is currently undertaking.

5. Be active

Keep your account active as possible, as social media acts as a “signal” for search engines, making your site and brand easier to find online. Every brand has something to say and a story to tell. Use social to help you do just that.