Nov 21
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Content Marketing: Do I Need Evergreen Content?

So, what is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is simple quality content that is relevant today, tomorrow – it’s relevant every day. The content provides value to the audience, it is informative, advisory and authoritative. It should be central to your content marketing strategy and brings with it a host of benefits, which are outlined below.


Evergreen content allows the writer to naturally insert keywords into the piece, to help customers searching for topics to find the piece and engage with it easily. It also can help lower your bounce rate and keep users on your site longer, especially if you link to other relevant pieces of content onsite that you have previously written. Depending on the subject, it can also be a great link building exercise, allowing you to build up your backlink profile by outreaching to publishers and online media.

Long-term relevance

Before writing it. Always consider if it is going to be relevant for the foreseeable future. This is key for making this content a great tool for aiding your long-term SEO strategy.

Content Marketing builds authority

Make sure your content addresses a need for the audience and adds value. As this will help increase your authority and ensure people, over time, recognise you as an industry thought leader.

Increased traffic

Evergreen content should be able to drive an initial burst of traffic through proactive promotion (social, paid etc), but with the difference being that then allows the content to take over and deliver consistent traffic over time.

Lead generation

It goes without saying that the more traffic, the higher your conversion rate. But perhaps more importantly, Google and the other search engines give priority to timeless pieces of content over short-lived articles. This means better rankings, which means more traffic to your site, and ultimately more leads for you.

And finally, refresh and share

When creating evergreen content, there are a couple of things to keep in mind to ensure it generates relevant results and creates an impact on your content marketing strategy. Refresh the content so it never goes out of date. It is good practice to have a read through every couple of months to ensure there is nothing new to add or something that should be removed. Share your content after it is published on site across social channels to increase the engagement and authority. Read more about social here.

Get creating great content!