Aug 07

Writing content for the sake of it? 2 minute read.

Here are our four tips to getting more out of your content marketing.

1.Don’t pick random subjects that aren’t intrinsically linked to the brand you are writing about

Everyone in the room may think it is a great idea. but what has it got to do with the client? Is it a believable connection or association? Writing something that may be newsworthy, but in no way is connected with the brand you look after will not do any good?

2.Your audience

Leading on from point one. Will your audience care? What is in it for them? What is the hook to get them to carry on reading? Understand your audience first, and your content will be more impactful and meaningful.

3. Know your writing styles

News is delivered short and snappy. A blog is more friendly in tone and has an interesting point of view. White papers tend to be long but usually answer a problem with a solution. Social media copy is usually straight to the point. All these types of content can come from one writer who has the knowledge to be able to switch between of these mediums.

4. Try and be original

This may sound hard.  But even if you are writing about a subject that has been written a million times. You can always put your own slant on it and give it a viewpoint and a unique tone of voice to make it uniquely yours.