We can get your audience to think alike

We consider your audience, create strategies, develop compelling stories and amplify them across the right channels. We will drive awareness and consideration to ensure you and your audience have a meeting of the minds. Here are our services…

Content Marketing Strategy

The right content is extremely powerful and can establish a brand as an authority in its market. It can help to develop trust, it can inform, it can entertain and more importantly, it can help to establish a relationship with your customers.
Using insights and research we develop a deep understanding of your audience to create a content marketing strategy we know will resonate with them. Once the strategy is in place, we develop ideas that tell brilliant stories about your brand that will inform, educate and entertain your audience. Ensuring the right message hits the right audience at the right time!
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Business Development & Ideation Workshops

Been there done that – yes we literally have!
We know you can be too busy with the here and now to focus effectively on the future. We understand you can be too close to what you do to see it clearly.
We love to help other businesses focus on their growth with new business, structure and process.
We aim to free your thinking, get your team excited about where you can go next, what you can build, what problems you can solve, what products you can create – then make it happen.
Let’s have a eureka moment

Design and Asset Creation

We have an eye for great design. Whether it’s for a webpage, interactive online tool, animation, print or for social media. We create and design assets that we know will work for a specific channel.
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Digital PR, Outreach & Social Media

Every brand has a great story to tell.

PR is essential for creating brand awareness, building and attracting customers, generating valuable links for SEO and driving traffic to site.

Plus, in this digital age, it isn’t just mainstream media. We look at amplifying stories across social media, bringing them alive with videos, design assets, and underpinning them with social media advertising campaigns. Sparking engagement to ensure it sticks in the mind of your audience and is instantly clickable to aid your SEO.

Great Minds create PR programmes with a mix of headline-grabbing and informative stories that hit the media that your audience consume.

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Great Minds can run targeted PPC or paid social campaigns. Build apps and websites and so much more. All to ensure that you are seen across relevant digital platforms to connect to your audience.
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Video Production

Video is an essential tool for any campaign. Whether it is a comprehensive informative video for a corporate audience, or a short one for social media channels.

Great Minds will ensure production will punch through and grab the viewer.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. At Great Minds, we have experience in art direction across a range of products and services, to ensure the image tells the story and looks great too.
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