Sep 19

Links or PR. Which is the best approach?

Here’s the thing. Google cares about more than just links!

For years a followed link, via digital PR, was seen as the ‘holy grail’ of digital marketing and SEO. This led to people buying links by bribing publishers to link back.

But the good news is that publishers have cracked down on this. To get a followed link is hard, but not impossible. Still, sites like Forbes, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, will not give a followed link, and many more sites have since followed suit.

So how do you, secure links then?

It all about the strength of the story and the relevancy of the content to the audience it is aimed at.

Before starting to write or create content, ask yourself, “Why would a site publish this content?” That should always be your starting point. This will strengthen your chances of securing a link – followed or not.

Plus, when you go out to sites and secure coverage but don’t secure a link – remember this isn’t worthless. It all adds up. The way we view the value of a link needs to change. A link on an authority site will send traffic to your site, and of course help your SEO, if followed.

But even without a followed link, getting a brand on a credible site will boost awareness, raise consideration and position it as an authority within its industry.

The best approach is to ensure you do your research and target relevant media and sites that are specific to your industry or subject matter.  All working hand in hand with SEO.

Think about the audience, raising brand awareness, telling a relevant story. These will all help to secure links, coverage and more.

At Great Minds, we have extensive experience in securing coverage and links through our creativity and news nounce.

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