Mar 31
PR Business Manchester

How a business showing empathy and connecting with an audience now, will reap the rewards later.

As most people in the marketing world over the last week or so, I have experienced my clients slamming on the breaks with their marketing activity, bar one. But as the world adjusts to a new norm and starts to adapt, now is the time to start thinking about how to market your business – albeit with a slightly different approach.

So, below I outline five things a business can incorporate into its marketing strategy now, that will pay dividends later.

Be reassuring

Right now, the world is a scary place, with things changing on a daily basis. A role for your business is to be reassuring. Help people get through this and push out messages that are positive and inspirational to cut through the doom and gloom.


This is the new normal, for a while at least. So, how are you going to normalise the new norm? Well, just crack on. Communicate that you are carrying on with your business and adapting. Show nothing has changed (even though it has) and try and keep going. It’s good for your customers and staff to see and helps establish normality.

Build trust

It doesn’t matter what business you are in. Now is the time to build trust by not ‘selling’. Start by offering help. Give some free advice. Share experiences and knowledge. People will remember you for it when the time comes.

Establish calm

It is a weird time for us all. For some, an unclear and unnerving time. Therefore, your business should establish calm. Communicate to customers, tell them what’s going on with your business. Keeping them informed to help create a calmer environment.

Brand love

Do all these things as outlined above and you will get some serious brand love. You may not feel that love now as the population is in lockdown. But, when life returns to normal. Your business will be remembered and will benefit.