Apr 09

What has the virus taught us so far? That we have discovered how to be creative again.

Creativity has always been central to my job, but for other lines of work, creativity may not be so easy to muster. But when suddenly the world seemingly stopped and what we knew as normal wasn’t anymore. Something started to happen and people started to get creative, in many different ways. As we continued on lockdown and forced to stay at home, we have also been forced to be creative. Rather than binge Netflix and scroll endlessly through Instagram, people are starting to do things and create things that maybe they didn’t have time for or didn’t know they had in them.

Here are just some of the things I’ve spotted.

IPADS take a back seat when it comes to children’s entertainment.

Ok, so maybe not completely. But I’ve started seeing outdoor dens being built in gardens, tents being put up and children sleeping in the garden overnight. Children washing their parents’ car and even kids getting involved with the housework. Treasure hunts being created around the house for kids to discover things, homemade assault courses being assembled around the garden and painting making a big return. All things that used to happen before an array of technology entered our lives.

Communication – we’re talking more

We are a nation of texters and emailers. We usually prefer a text to a call, and rather than pick up the phone, an email is usually the preferred method of communication. But now, we relish a chat. Whether that be by Zoom, or just picking up the mobile phone, we are talking more. This may be work-related, but also friends are making time weekly even daily, to make sure we all have a chat. People have also started becoming more creative in how they communicate with some friends holding weekly Zoom quizzes in order to keep in touch.

Businesses are becoming useful and not just ‘selling’

Businesses have shifted their positioning slightly in order to become useful. Rather than chasing the sale, which most can’t do anymore, they have shifted and got creative in order to become useful. They have started creating content that helps people, provides information and entertains rather than asks them to buy. The businesses who continue to adopt this approach will be remembered more when all this eventually ends.

Getting back to nature (and maybe realising how important it is)

With our daily walk, there has been a return to nature. We are all looking for nice walks from where we live and have probably discovered a few things in our local area that we didn’t even know were there. Plus, people have started being more self-sufficient, growing tomatoes in their garden, some even buying chickens! There has been more gardening being done and things like bird feeders being built with the kids. A return to nature is a welcome return.