Apr 23

Comfort food brands get a boost as customers look for familiarity.

How many times this week have you said, “What are we having for dinner”. Our lives now revolve around food as, let’s be clear, there isn’t much else to do. So, food is becoming an ingredient that is more in our daily thoughts than ever before and because of this, some traditional food brands, are reaping the rewards.

Brands such as Coca-Cola, Oxo, Bisto, Colman’s, Cadbury and more are all expected to see a resurgence in sales as customers look for reassurance and familiarity in these uncertain times.

In addition, as we are all at home, people are starting to ‘treat’ themselves and there’s a trend that customers are turning away from cheaper own-label brands and going back to what they know and love to make their meals that little bit special.

Brands can become a comfort to customers as they try and surround themselves with what they love.  In marketing, it is well documented that when a crisis happens, consumers make a return to the ‘trusted’ and ‘known’.

Another factor that is driving this return to comfort, is that we are all cooking more.  This has greatly benefitted established ingredients brands, such as Oxo and Colman’s.  Smaller brands that are not so well-known such as alcohol-free start-ups and new brands that have just entered the market are likely to not get much of a look in with comfort-seeking consumers. I mean, if people are going to stay in all week and eat, consumers don’t want to take a chance on something they don’t have any experience of or a connection with.

And finally, it is the established brands who continue to spend on promoting themselves throughout this time, who will be the ones that will see an increase in sales which they’ll maintain when life reverts back to ‘normal’ again.