May 08

5 Ways To Get Your Business’s Brand Ready When Lockdown Is Lifted

In times of crisis, it’s hard to know where to begin when promoting your business. Do you stick to your guns and carry through with the same marketing plan, do you pivot and offer a new modified service/product or are you forced to drop marketing because of cash flow?

Almost every business is trying to survive at the moment and most brand & marketing budgets are going to suffer.

It looks like you’ve either got two choices, cut costs or speculate to accumulate.

Tragically those who don’t appreciate the power of a strong brand are going to reduce their spending in the marketing sector.

But then there are those who are wise to branding and its strengths. They are the ones willing to put in the time, effort and investment in and will see a return.

If you’re the latter, then it looks like you’ve got an exciting yet pressured time ahead. So, to relieve you from some of the stresses here are 5 ideas to get your business’s brand ready for when lockdown is lifted.


  1. Getting Consistent

Even if this global disaster hadn’t struck, it’s vital that all of your business’s touchpoints are consistent.

What are brand touchpoints I hear you say? Your brand touchpoints are anywhere your ideal client may find you such as your website, google business, social media platforms and even printed assets. Keeping all of these areas on brand ensures you have a strong client journey.

Keep a checklist or follow your Brand Guidelines and take a look at all areas that promote your business. Ensure they all have the same logo, colours, fonts, image, styling and tone of voice. This will help your business look professional and memorable against your competitors.

  1. Create a New Marketing Channel – Blog, Podcast, Social Media Account

If you’ve previously focused on putting all your eggs in one basket now is the time to branch out. We don’t know what is going to happen over the next few months. The world has become more and more digitally focused and businesses are finding creative ways to communicate, so expanding your business into a new marketing channel could help you target your ideal clients in areas you didn’t suspect.

Try creating a podcast and chat about what you’re up to during lockdown, maybe produce a blog series on ways you can help you clients or get clued up on a new social media platform, engage and make new connections.

  1. Create a Lead Magnet

Building your audience is an ideal way to get ready for when lockdown is lifted. There are so many pros as well as giving something back to your ideal clients.

Giving free advice is such an amazing thing to do, especially at a time like this when people need it most. Create a free blog, download or even produce a video of you giving advice. Getting your audience to subscribe to your mailing list using one of these ideas will enable you to contact them with useful information, which will instil trust and build awareness of your brand. You’ll be remembered for the value you’ve given and, if you keep in touch with them consistently with extra value, guess who they will think of when they need a service or product like yours.

  1. Rebrand

Does your current brand haunt you? You feel it has no connection to you, it doesn’t speak to your ideal clients and it has no clarity in its message.

If you have some spare time at the moment isn’t it wise to invest it into your business and ensure you deliver a clear message to your target audience?

Working with a professional brand & marketing team to produce a strong identity will increase your business presence. It will make you feel good about your business, it will connect and resonate with your ideal clients and get them excited about working with you.

Do your research, speak to people, make new connections. Get to know again what your ideal client needs. Everyone wants to talk at the moment, everyone’s looking for answers, you could be their answer, they just need to see your message clearly.

  1. Styling Makeover – the same brand with a new look

Not sure about a full rebrand but would like to give your branding a bit more oomph? Why not have a look at a styling makeover. This follows a similar process to branding a business but there is no need to create some new brand guidelines. Hiring a professional designer to come up with some new ideas for eye-catching layouts and use of colour will quench your thirst for that fresh new look.

Putting just one of these actions into place along with a strong brand identity and consistent marketing will help get your business ready and visible throughout the lockdown period and when it’s lifted.

If you need help to develop your brand please contact Amy at Cheshire Design and Print