Mar 25

The Case for Content

We are in uncertain times which are shifting and changing on a daily basis.

But never has there been a greater need for content marketing and communication. When any type of business goes through a period of change, it can have a tendency to look inward while it sorts itself out. But while this change is happening a business should still be shouting, albeit in the right way.

As a brand, you can massively help people over the next few months and form a deeper relationship with them. With the majority of people staying at home, they will have more time to engage, search and read.

People will want to be entertained, informed, educated and indeed distracted. Good news will be greeted with applause over the coming weeks. So, here are my thoughts on how a brand can be stay relevant and become greater for it.

Become part of the solution.

We are all in this together and whatever we can all do to make it easier, the better. So, apply this train of thought to your content output. How can you as a business offer a solution? For example, I have an IT business as a client – Greystone Technology, and we have switched our output to mirror the environment we are all suddenly finding ourselves in. We are now writing blogs and creating social posts on how to work from home. Sharing technology tips that people can use to keep in touch with colleagues and become more productive. These tactics, help put my client into the conversation in a useful way.

Do good.

For years marketers have been told that brands need to have deeper purposes and not just sell sell sell.

For example, TRAIN Manchester gyms, have lent out all its gym equipment for free so its members can continue to workout from home. This will create such brand advocacy now and in the future. There has never been a better time to show you can do good. Helping people in a time of need can help establish a relationship with your customers and they will connect and remember you in better times.

Use social to educate, inform and entertain.

People are social beings and suddenly we are finding we can’t be as social as we used to be. But on social media, we can try to recreate that social interaction. A great example by Sam’s Chop House (pub in Manchester for those who don’t know) is hosting a virtual pub quiz on their Facebook group. Brilliant!

Or just simply use your channels to state that you are there and can be approached to help while we all adjust this period.

If you need any help with you marketing, content or PR. Get in touch.