Feb 18

Here are five Content Marketing trends for 2020

With over 4 billion people using the internet worldwide, trillions of pieces of content are being added every day whether that be an update, a photograph, a like, a video, blog or creating a whole new site.

Everyone has now got the means to become a creator. Digital content is part of every consumer’s journey, whether they are looking online for a story, entertainment, researching or interacting. Content is evermore an important part of marketing. So, with this in mind, here are some trends you should watch out for in 2020.

User-Generated Content

It is no secret that consumers trust recommendations and reviews by real users whether that be YouTubers, influencers, journalists, or bloggers. They want to know if the movie was any good if the product works etc. They care to know what people they follow are saying about a product or service. But, also, consumers are getting smarter when spotting what is genuine content, especially by influencers. So, although a great tactic, plan carefully.

Video Content.

It is the future. It is becoming more and more how consumers want to engage with a brand. The modern consumer expects to receive video content from their favourite brands. Video content encourages consumers to engage with the brand for longer. Live streaming will also continue to grow in 2020. So in a nutshell, ensure you have some kind of video content within your marketing plan.

Quality and relevance rather than quantity

Some brands feel the need to consistently pump content out across all their own channels. If it is just content for content’s sake, you could be doing your brand a disservice as consumers crave authenticity. It is important to share new content, yes, but it’s more important to ensure it is of good quality and is relevant to your audience and your brand.


Goes hand in hand with video. But try and create bespoke visuals that connect with your audience. In this noisy world, audiences are subjected to endless social media posts. So, by adding a visual that resonates, you’ve got a better chance of standing out from the crowd.


It seems that podcasting has just exploded in the past year or so. Suddenly people are now asking for suggestions of a great podcast to listen too on social media, just like they ask for recommendations of what to watch on Netflix. Now it seems, is a great time to start a podcast series. Especially if the brand is a leader in their field or a challenger brand with something to say about the industry it is forging into.