Feb 12

Here are 6 ideas for a B2B Influencer Marketing Campaign

  1. Conduct a video series with influencers. Pick a subject or issue that you want your client to be seen as an authority in and get an influencer to interview them about it. The interview can then be re-purposed across your owned channels such as a social, onsite etc.


  1. Podcasts. These are a growing trend so use them to your advantage. Engage with an influencer to interview someone from your client’s business to talk about a business topic. Potential to invite other influencers too to make it engaging and chatty. Post the link to the podcast on your owned channels to generate downloads.


  1. Flattery gets you…well everywhere. A simple tactic is to publish a list of influencers on-site who are shaking up your industry, providing an explanation as to why people should follow them. After it is published, send the piece to the influencer you have featured on the list and encourage them to share it. Potential to make this an annual ‘list’.


  1. Make it personal. If your client is about to a launch a new product or initiative, invite a specific influencer to have a one to one with the people involved and see behind the scenes of its development. Plus, this provides lots of content for your social channels.


  1. Run a blog series. Work with an influencer and commission a series of blog posts around a particular industry subject. This could take the form of a written article or a Q&A with someone within the business.


  1. Corporate Events. If your client holds an AGM or another kind of company event, it may be an idea to invite an influencer to speak. This kind of engagement can elevate the performance of the event, especially if the influencer has a great understanding of the industry.