Jan 09

Greystone Consulting Turns To Great Minds

In this world which is ever more reliant on technology, having the right IT systems and software is crucial. But, despite us all knowing we need it, many of us don’t understand it, we just want it to ‘work’.

That is where Greystone comes in, they make sense of IT and software solutions. With no techie jargon and IT wizardry. They make it easier for businesses to understand the benefits. Which lends itself nicely to a great social, digital and content campaign. Greystone has turned to Great Minds to demystify IT and make audiences understand the business benefits that IT and bespoke software solutions can bring.

Great Minds will be creating a social campaign that will make IT relatable to businesses so they can understand the benefits it can bring. In addition, we will be looking at events, the website user-journey, on-site content, PPC and social amplification to communicate how Greystone makes sense of IT.

IT – will start to make a whole lot of sense.