Feb 06

A super social media advertising campaign for Super Tutoring

It’s been a long time since we’ve sat an exam. But for lots of 8 –11 year old children, they are gearing up for their 11+. This exam can dictate the rest of their time in school, so it is a testing time – literally – and more so for the parents. But parents are now lucky enough to know about Super Tutoring. A tutoring company, which helps turn children into heroes in the classroom and prepares them to pass their 11+ exam, making it super easy. Great Minds have been helping Super Tutoring raise its brand awareness through social advertising by creating eye-catching ads that run across Instagram and Facebook. Ads that have delivered tangible leads. Great Minds created Ads that have reached over 15,000 people on both platforms in the past six weeks, resulting in phones ringing and Super Tutoring, well, being…super busy.  What a super result!