Mar 15

Quick Creativity Tips: Creating various questions from the same business objective.

Over the next few posts, we will be looking at some tips to get you more creative and provide you with inspiration to come up with some ‘killer’ ideas.

We love ideas that tell a story, that punch through and get you noticed. But coming up with ideas that are relevant, interesting and which tracks back to a business strategy isn’t always easy.

So we will share our tips on how to get creative and generation GREAT ideas, so you and your target market can have a meeting of the minds.

Great Minds Tip 1: Variations questions from the same objective

Whenever you are given a brief there is always an objective or an aim to achieve a certain outcome or achievement.

That objective usually sets the tone for the strategy and ideas then flow from that. But a good rule of thumb is to take a really long look at that objective and reinterpret it in the form of questions as many times as you can.

For example, in a basic form, if the objective is: “To drive SME businesses to use the legal services of our website”

Questions could be:

How can a legal services website attract SME businesses?

Could a legal services site add value to an SME business and how?

What does an SME business need from a legal services website?

Why would an SME business use a legal services site?


And so on and so on.


By considering answers to the questions, you’ll start to open up new ways of thinking, generate ideas and slowly start to answer the brief.

Great Minds