Aug 20

Great Minds to promote nanotechnology products to industry

Marketing activity for nanotechnology – what is that?

We’ve been appointed to carry out the marketing and PR for Moorfield Technology, which develops nanotechnology products.

But what is Nano Technology?

Nano Technology is pretty amazing actually, as it places atoms as if they were bricks in exactly the place a manufacturer or researcher needs them to be. This means it provides industry with complete control over the structure of matter to make materials in everyday life, such as mobile phone screens for example.

Researchers and industry specialists use nanotechnology to create new products or to innovate. The chances are the average person has already encountered nanotechnology in a range of consumer products from hand washes to socks, jewellery and more. It is used across many sectors from medicine, energy, food safety, environmental science to name but a few.

You learn something new every day!

Great Minds, will be working closely with Moorfield to create targeted Google campaigns, run their organic and paid social channels, PR and email marketing.

The objective will be to raise awareness across many industries about the value nanotechnology can bring in a simple unscientific way to get the message across.

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